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[25 Feb 2004|06:28pm]
if someone has Dead Aim (i dont really care what version, peferrably 4.0) they must send it to me (and the keygen) through AIM. so if anyone can, email me at maria@ragdollradio.com

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[12 Feb 2004|08:20pm]
My internet wasn't working for a while but my dad restarted the whole entire computer thus, I lost everything saved on it. Including my WinZip and AIM.

So if anyone has Dead Aim or knows someone who has it, then send it to me. I either get Dead Aim, or I don't get any AIM at all. Sorry. Bye.
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[25 Jan 2004|05:40pm]
[ mood | good ]

Oh yeah. Today we went shopping. First we went to Old Navy and I got this face towel thing that you put in water and it expands. Its cool. Then I got these red plaid pajama pants and these Valentine's Day pajama pants that have lips on them and then they say "kiss", "smack", "peck" and all the rest of the synonyms for "kiss". And then I got this brown tshirt that says KISSING BANDIT on it. ROFL. Hot sex.

And then we went to Kmart and I got my face wash that I was out of and then some multi-colored sharpies. I still have to get more sharpies. AND, I want to get different colored rolls of duct tape. WHEEEEEEEE.

After that we went to Kohl's and I got two HOT bras. One is pink and the straps are white with hearts and I got matching panties. And then the other one is black and it has lace and red polka dots. It's so cool. I also got socks with lips on them and pajama pants with some guy from Seaseme Street on them.

Meh I think that is all I got but I don't know. Yay. Ah yes, and I am (probally) getting two packs of cigarettes from my old friend Chrissy. Cool.

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[19 Jan 2004|12:34pm]
Hm, well. On Saturday Michele came over and she spent the night. We had so much fun. We were outside around 5 pm and my sister comes outside [she is very annoying] and Michele and I wanna go to the store to get candy so my dad said we could go as long as my sister came with us. So we walked to the store, my shoes got so fucking wet and my jeans were wet too. So we bought poptarts and Little Debbie crap. We were walking out of the store when it was getting really dark out so we're walking past the library and Michele wanted to go to the back to see the sign on the door that says PROTECTED BY ALARM SYSTEM or whatever. So then we were a car beep and I turn around and it is my mom so she picks us up and she takes us back to the store to get crap for tonight [chips, etc] so we go in there and get stuff and leave. At home we wait till my mom makes dinner and we eat it. Then, we watch the movie "Leprechaun, Back 2 Tha Hood" because Michele brought it. It was fucking funny. Nothing beats seeing a little evil leprechaun smoking a bong and getting high. mhm!
So after the movie we went into Alanna's room and we put on disco lights and music and we get down the big giant ball that Alanna got for Christmas and we were all bouncing and playing on it. I was bouncing up and down on it and when I was in the air, Michele kicks the ball from under me and I land on the floor right on my ass. It was so fucking funny and we were cracking up so hard for 5 minutes. Wheee!
So we play some more on the ball and then we play this game where we turn out all the lights and hide and someone is it and they go into the room and we have to get them with a rope. It was fun. Then around 10pm, Michele and I went to bed because we had taken 4 asprin each [2 regular ones and 2 that make you sleep] so, lol. We went to sleep and on Sunday morning we got up and we got dressed [she was already dressed, I wasn't] and we went to the club for breakfast. We ate there and then we went to this Italian store. We got pizza dough there! So sometime I am going to make homemade pizza like we learned in Home Ec, my mom said that Michele could come over and we could make some pizza sometime.

Grr, then my sister wanted to go see Cheaper By The Dozen and we were gonna go but I started getting bitchy over things and so this big fight happened and we had to take Michele home. Then everyone yells in the car and it gets all crazy and my mom takes away all my fucking bracelets [and before she broke my ONLY TWO FUCKING NECKLACES, she grabbed me by them and they broke. I fucking hate her.] and she takes $120 from my room [I had a total of $133]. I hate her. THAT IS MY FUCKING MONEY, it isn't HERS, it is MINE. She thinks she is going to put that money in my god damn bank account but she isn't because it is MINE. I want my mother fucking bracelets back, too.

So yeah. Thats it. On Sunday, Michele and I took pictures. (instant message loveisparanoidxx if you wanna see them)
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[16 Jan 2004|11:11am]
[ mood | okay ]

Hm, well on Wednesday we made pizza in Home Ec... and in the locker hallway before resource we were just standing there and the bell rings so Mike and I start running, we run outside into the student walkway and I fall [tripped on my pants, of course] and Samantha and her boyfriend Casey come out and Samantha helps me up, it was funny. And Casey picked up my books for me, he's really nice. Then I went to resource, I didn't get marked down late because Mr. Kopp was all the way down the hall talking to some other teachers.

Then I got a pass to go to the nurse but I didn't go to the nurse, I just walked around with Michele. Fun.

On Thursday, in the morning I hung out at Michele's locker and she had these little speakers hooked up to her walkman so we were blasting Korn. It was really fun. Then by Bryce's locker I was leaning against the wall and I slid down and I hit my tailbone and my ass really hard so for the rest of the day my back and tailbone hurt. And in resource I walked around with Michele again. We went to the nurses and she gave me an elevater pass for that day but I didn't use it, BUT, she didn't put a date on it so I can use it WHENEVER I want. SCORE. lol. Good times.

Today we have no school, as well as on Monday. So tonight I think we're going to a funeral and then I'm going to see if we can pick up Michele on the way home and she can spend the night.


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[13 Jan 2004|06:54pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I want this Samsung E105 fliphone that I found. It is free since the phone is $100 there is a $100 mail-in rebate so... then it is 40 bucks a month for 600 whatever minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes, free nationwide long distance, free nationwide digital roaming and then it is $3 a month for 300 text messages so its all good. I still have to ask my mom for it though.

Then I want this Canon Powershot A60 digital camera (it is what Amy has, yay!) that is $200 but at amazon.com they have it used and new for $150-$200 so thats cool. Grrr I want so much new shit. I have no idea how I am going to be able to save my money, because I don't get any money to begin with. There was no point to this entry. Fuck you.

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[11 Jan 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today wasn't that bad. I took a shower and got dressed and stuff and then Alanna's friend Kelli came over so they were playing and then when I am all ready to go my mom makes me take out my glasses case and she finds the lighter and she doesn't get that mad but she has me tell her why and I told her I needed it for my project. So yeah she isn't mad. Cooool. Then my mom takes me to pick up Michele and she drives us to the movies to see the 3:40 pm show for BIG FISH! YAY. So we went there and watched the movie, we sat all the way in the front and in the beginning when they showed movie trailors they showed Johnny Depp's new movie "Secret Window". Wheee. In the middle of the priview I yelled "Johnny Depp is hot sex." Major fun. In the end, I cried. I love that movie. <3

Umm then I got home and listened to the Ramones while I did some of my homework. I still have to do some more of it tomorrow.

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[11 Jan 2004|10:21am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Last night was HORRIBLE. I got 42 dollars but I spent some so now I have 38. Not bad.

My mom got really drunk and she was acting really obnoxious and when I told her it was time to go to pick up Michele she was just like "We'll leave in a couple of minutes" and then 10 minutes later she would say the same thing. So at 9:45 pm I was so upset that I started crying and I sat down by my grandma and told her about how I found a joint in the garage and crap. I felt so bad. So then my mom starts telling everyone that I am "playing" my grandma. WTF. So she is in this bad mood and all the way home she yells at me. I cry some more because it isn't fair, the plan was we were going to leave at 9:00-9:30 and pick up Michele and go home.. my mom is a stupid bitch. We don't pick Michele up because we didn't even leave the damn place until 10:05 pm and it was too late. So we got home, called Michele and told her she couldn't spend the night anymore. Then my mom got all obnoxious and started putting her hands down my dads pants in the kitchen. So I yell that she is disgusting and needs to get a life and shit. Then she does other stupid things that get me so pissed off. I hate when she is drunk. She needs to get a fucking life. I hate her. And then she was saying how my grandpa and other people from that place said that we need to get rid of Michele because she swears. They can't choose my fucking friends and I'd be damned if my mom makes me tell Michele we can't be friends anymore because I swear to god that will be the last thing I will ever do.

I need a cigarette. My parents and sister are gone to breakfast at that same place as we were at last night. There are two cigarettes in the garage but my mom would know SOMEONE had it. Grr. I think I'm gonna give Michele's brother 5 bucks and have him buy a pack for Michele and a pack for me.

My mom wants to pick Michele up today and take us to the movies but I don't want to now. My mom pissed me off and made me in a bad mood. It wouldn't be fun because it is a damn SUNDAY and my mom would want to tag a long with us to the movies.

And my mom said something about how she is making us take gun shooting lesson things at some guys shop. I am not spending my fucking time [Thursdays and Fridays] shooting a fucking gun. Don't even put my near a god damn gun because I bet I'd just blow my moms fucking brains out. I hate my parents.

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[10 Jan 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Last night was very boring. I stayed online most of the night until my mom made me get off.

Today I woke up at 10:45 am and I made microwavable pancakes and ate those. Then I turned on USA and this movie was starting and I watched it. It was called Detroit Rock City. It was a great movie. <3

Tonight I have to go somewhere with my parents. But I will get money because I have to wash dishes, how grand. Who knows how long we'll be there until. But maybe if we leave that place before 9, we can pick up Michele and she can spend the night and then tomorrow we can go to the mall and the movies.

I have to finish my science project, it is due on Monday. Damn.

I feel like taking one of my parents lighters. I absolutely love lighters and playing with fire. Hm, I think I am going to take it when I am done writing this.

My weekend sucks. I'm off to steal a lighter.

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